What We Do

What we do is to help our customers to maximise the business benefits of adopting BIM – Business Information Modelling. In many cases that means building BIM objects for customers to place on their own web sites so their customers can download them and use them in BIM model project designs.

As well as building excellent BIM objects in Revit we produce the associated parameter (properties) tables that define the product. We use our many years of practical experience to ensure that only salient data is included. That means that when the object when inserted into a BIM model it won’t slow down the program because it is too data rich.

For clients wishing to offer end user support we also supply a COBie table of the object’s data. This can be used to export the data into a facilities, property or asset management software to create assets for ongoing management. There are a wide variety of such systems available on the market with many increasingly offering BIM friendly functionality. One such is QFM from Service Works

We offer BIM Survey support - the ability to take digital survey data and create BIM Models and Objects for ongoing use. This is particularly valuable in creating or checking asset inventories and for use in building snagging and ongoing construction management.


BIM Objects

A BIM object is a model made with an architecture software which combines geometry, physical characteristics and behavioural data to provide a digital description of a virtual product. Developing BIM objects allows your building products to be more visible to Architects, manufacturers and contractors enabling your building products being seen, specified and sourced.


BIM Survey

Revit is software ( 3D modelling tool) for BIM, used by architects, structural engineers, MEP engineers, designers and contractors. Revit provides professionals with tools to create intelligent 3D models which can then be used to design, build, and produce construction credentials.
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BIM VR – we can take your BIM model project design (or build it for you) and offer it  in a 3D virtual environment that you can use it to ‘walk through’ inspect and comment.  This is especially useful for stakeholder visualisation and for progress checking. Real time live notes can be added to the model during a VR meeting to provide an instant capture of any change requirements.

BIM Made Easy!


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