What is REVIT Software?

To build BIM model objects for our clients we use REVIT Software by Autodesk.  Revit is by far the most popular software choice for 3D Business Information Modelling and has a proven track record of success and product development over many years. As well as the BIM model object and design model capabilities, with Revit the BIM Men are also able to produce .IFC files from the system should client require them for inter-operability.

It should be noted that despite many attempts by colleagues in the industry over the years it is just not possible to produce a fully operable 3D BIM model by importing into Revit using an IFC file from a graphics package. Graphics packages are just that. Great for graphics but not for BIM.

If you want fully working 3D BIM models and objects you need to use a BIM specific software package such as Revit . At The BIM Men we use Revit to build the objects and then produce a high quality graphical image for display and use on web sites.


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