No matter the size of the business or product if you are manufacturers supplying the construction industry, directly or indirectly you will encounter BIM - sooner or later. Since the government mandated the use of BIM in 2016 there has been dramatic uptake in use by manufacturers in some sectors most closely associated with supplying to government infrastructure and PFI/PPP projects: schools, hospitals, prisons, roads and the like.  Arguably the initial take up of by such larger firms BIM was a forced one – ‘do it in BIM or get left behind.’ However, the efficiency benefits of BIM led these firms to use it in other areas and increasingly in commercial sector contracts too.

The expansion into commercial contracts has had a direct effect on the expansion of BIM use by product manufacturers. Recognising the need to protect existing business and the new business potential offered by making product information available in BIM object format manufacturers across the product spectrum are taking it up. Although several library options are available there is a trend towards ‘self-hosting’ that is to say making the BIM object available at LOD 300 standard directly from their own site alongside traditional style brochure and marketing PDFs.

The BIM Men can build model objects for you of your entire catalogue, selected product lines only or assist you to gear up to build your own if you have an in house design team.

BIM Men Ltd – M3Floodtec

M3Floodtec leads the UK market in the provision of Infrastructure commercial and domestic flood control solutions from simple antiflood bricks through to large scale self-actuating barriers (SAB) and flood gates used to protect commercial properties and residential areas along coastal, estuarine and riverine locations. The SAB has over 100 successful installs around the UK and internationally to date. With consultants increasingly using BIM for design and main contractors using common data environments (CDE) for project control M3Floodtec turned to the BIM Men to build BIM objects of the SAB range.

Managing Director Peter Marchant commented: “We wanted to make sure that our product was readily available in BIM to make it easier for designers to specify the SAB whatever the scale and to make us easy to work with in CDE. The BIM Men built us a perfect solution: a family of BIM objects for each SAB product variant that can now be accessed from our web site. We were impressed by their attention to detail, the commitment shown by the team to getting it right; and can certainly recommend them to anyone wanting to get their products BIM ready.”

BIM Model flood control M3 Flood tec

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