Main Contractors

If you are the main construction lead then having all of the project information in one consistent format (and place) is vital to make it all go smoothly. BIM delivers this. By creating and sharing a common data environment you can ensure that everyone is looking at the same single version of the plan. Much easier than with paper plans or spreadsheets.

Increasingly lead construction companies expect their supply chain to supply product and design information in BIM.  For the main contractors it is easier to work with BIM enabled suppliers as it saves time – they don’t have to produce BIM models themselves. This is great for suppliers who have done it, but poses a problem for those who may be smaller and cannot afford the software costs or headcount to do the work themselves.

At the BIM Men we work with main contractors to identify the opportunities for BIM in their supply chain and how we can help those companies to become BIM compliant. This can include building specific models and COBie tables of product data for a particular project or whole catalogues as well as advice on suitable LOD (level of detail) standards and web site design.

Director Fergal Turley from Turley Bros

For over 50 years Turley Bros has been one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of concrete waste-water treatment tanks, liquid screeds and resin bound aggregate;  serving customers  throughout Ireland and England.

Recognising the increasing use of BIM by specifiers and designers Turley Bros chose the BIM Men Ltd to build BIM model objects of their award-winning pre-cast concrete waste- water treatment tanks.

Director Fergal Turley: “We liked the down to earth, straightforward approach of the BIM Men. They worked hard to understand our business and our product. The build and checking processes meant that the finished BIM objects are a great addition to the information on our website. They were easy to work with and we will be using them again on our exciting new product launches.”

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