Architects / Designers

Designs for BIM construction using BIM standards reduce design time, eliminate errors and re-works and ensure design integrity during construction. At the BIM Men we believe that BIM is vital and we are passionate about it’s use by the design community.

Like all great ideas BIM has its detractors, not least those who maintain that it is a fad and will never catch on. Well it already has! With widespread use in Europe, North America, Australia and the Far East, places like Singapore and Malaysia BIM is advancing rapidly as the lingua franca of modern construction project design. It is estimated that already over 60% of designers actively use BIM with more intending to take it up.

At the BIM men we can take traditional designs and render them in BIM formats and assist architects and designers in how to successfully adopt BIM in their practices.

Peter Griffiths Director of PGA Management of Worcester

“When checking construction progress on a project it is invaluable to have a BIM 3D model to work from. The project model enables physical progress to be surveyed and compared to plan; and models the project costs to support financial controls.  As more projects are managed using BIM it is increasingly important for the supply chain to offer its products as BIM objects to enable this. The BIM Men are excellent at building BIM objects for companies wishing to offer their products in this way and we recommend any business considering this to get in touch with them"

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